ActionLine KY-34013 Advanced Total Core Abdominal Exercise Trainer

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This advanced total core abdominal exercise trainer is a perfect accessory for your home gym or fitness routine. The unit assists with crunches and other movements that work your core and comes with functional accessories like a balance ball and workout DVD.


  • This advanced Ab exerciser assists the crunch, makes it easier. It also massages you while working out.
  • Additional Head padded back supports your neck and back safely and comfortably
  • Keep you fit and slim, help you tone your midsection. Works abs, obliques and lower back all at the same time
  • Assist your back up and down with powerful resistance from 4 advanced springs
  • Accessories:
    • (1) workout DVD
    • (2) balance ball and hand pump
    • (3) Monster Bands
    • (4) Counter
    • (5) Instruction Manual, 10 days Quick Start Guide, Common Sense Meal Plan .