Dr-ion Negative Ion Leather Sports Belt Black/Umber (Without Buckle)

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Dr-ion Negative Ion Leather Sports Belt Black/Umber (Without Buckle) - Made of weatherproof genuine cowhide leather, the Dr-ion belt comes with a high-grade black silicone strip embedded on its back that emits a high dose of negative ions (i.e. more than 2000 negative ions per cubic centimeters per second).

Attention: Belt only (without a Dr-ion buckle). This is for those who currently have Dr-ion buckle(s) with or without belt(s). Without a Dr-ion buckle, you cannot use it with a normal buckle on your pants because it doesn't have holes on it.

As in the process of manufacturing the Dr-ion negative ion wristbands and necklaces, the silicone strip is also made by mixing up the powdered REE (or REM) stones emitting extremely high amount of negative ions with liquified pure silicone. More precisely, the stones are special natural stones or ores that contain rare earth elements (REEs) or rare earth metals (REMs), as defined by IUPAC.

The negative ion energy belts by Dr-ion, with the brand name "Dr-ion" imprinted and its logo (a trade mark) engraved on the back, are available in multiple leather colors and can be purchased with or without the buckles.

With a Dr-ion negative ion bracelet worn on either of your wrists, an addition of Dr-ion negative ion belt on your waist will upgrade your whole body to a whole new level with the most active blood circulation.

Best for attires for outdoor activities, such as golf, hiking, walking, picnic, outdoor party/gathering, and casual outings.

Width: 3.6 cm
Thickness: 4.0 mm
Length: 39 to 41 inches.