Sound Sentry XL Recordable Motion Alarm Bubble Pack

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The Sound Sentry XL motion alarm can be used for anything from a Barking Dog Alarm to a buzzer alarm; leave messages for your family - it can even be a doorbell - just use a doorbell sound and stick it near your door with the included sticker.

Protect your home, valuables and most importantly - your family with the amazing Sound Sentry XL motion alarm. It's a portable recordable motion alarm that you can place anywhere, your home, your office, your car - anywhere! This inexpensive motion sensing alarm system has hundreds of uses. It's also great for Halloween or Christmas greetings on your door!! With the included removable sticky pads and velcro strips you can stick it to any flat surface (such as a wall) or use the included stand to place it on the floor or a table. Press the record button to record any sound, from alarm sounds to dogs barking to a verbal warning - anything you can think of! The sound plays when anything moves within 11 feet of the sensor, runs on plain AAA batteries. As seen on TV by millions of viewers demonstrated by actor/comedian Michael Winslow. See Michael Winslow doing the demonstration on YouTube by following this link: Michael Winslow using the Sound Sentry XL motion alarm. On the Sound Sentry website they have dozens of free sounds such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas sounds for greeting guests!

  • Detect family and friends when they walk by and play a special recorded message.
  • Use as a motion activated animal alarm to scare away unfriendly animals from the patio or pool area.
  • Place on a table using the included stand to protect the front door from intruders at night.
  • Infrared motion alarm Protect valuables with an audible alarm that plays when motion is detected.
  • Sound sentry XL recordable motion alarm bubble pack Teach pets to stay off of furniture and valuable electronics! Just record your sound and place to protect any item in your home.
  • Sound sentry wireless motion alarm Use the recordable motion alarm to detect and greet guests with a special seasonal message for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas parties.
  • Record a barking dog sound to create your own motion sensing barking dog alarm.
  • Kids have a blast with recordable motion activated alarms recording and playing sounds for each other.
  • Gremlins getting in your garage? Give them a little scare when this motion detector senses movement and plays an ominous sound.
  • Place pointing at a window to insure it is not disturbed; this wireless motion alarm system allows you to place it anywhere.
  • Take this motion alarm with you on vacation. Protect your hotel room door alarming you to any intrusion. Wireless and portable allows you to place it anywhere.
  • Warn the kids to stay out of cupboards or other areas that store chemicals or insecticides.
  • Replace a broken more expensive security alarm system with this amazingly inexpensive motion activated one.
  • DIY installation anywhere you want it to go. Install this motion sensing alarm to any room, garage, and hotel room in less than 1 minute.
  • Use this as a door chime. Just record a door chime type sound effect and place using the included strips. This is one of the least expensive door chimes on the market, and its motion activated!
  • Play your alma mater for the college bowl game for guests at the football party!
  • Use the motion detection to play a message to place special attention to an item you wish to sell at your garage sale!
  • Play a practical joke sound and scare your friends. Record a funny sound and hide the motion alarm. It's a wireless alarm so you can place it in places they don't expect.
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