Decorate Your Home with Wooden Lamps and Lights for a Vintage Look

Decorate Your Home with Wooden Lamps and Lights for a Vintage Look

Lighting is a key element in creating a sense of beautiful ambience for your home. With such a vast range of lighting and lamps, there are many options you can choose from. But how do you know which is the right style of lamp for your space? A consistent trend is using wood or wood-effect furniture to give your interior design a more natural feeling. These wood textured items can be found in desks, cabinets and even outdoor decking. In regard to lighting, wooden lamps can easily replicate and complement this natural look.

The two types of standard lamps are table and floor lamps. Floor lamps create an intimate atmosphere and are perfect for reading books in a cozy space. They help to give a more homely feeling, elegantly enhancing a sense of nature in your room. Desks lamps are subtler but more interactive and are a great practical option for work and leisure. In this article, we will outline the range of wooden lamp styles, to help you find one to suit your home theme perfectly. Let’s take a look.

Ceiling Wooden Lights

Wooden ceiling lights can help to create a warm, friendly environment in your home. The lighting omitted from wooden ceiling lights differs from more traditional overhead lighting options and can provide a very homey feel. There are many styles available for wooden ceiling lights; these include vintage, industrial, rustic or modern lights. Different ceiling lights fulfill other purposes, so it is a good idea to research the type of light fixture you are looking for. The good thing about wood is that it is a chameleon material and can match almost every theme perfectly. 

Wooden décor manufacturers often get creative with their lamps, making things like pendant chandeliers and many more accessories. The types of wood typically used for wooden lights include bamboo, maple, olive or walnut wood, which all further come in different tones and colors. 

Wooden ceiling lights can act as spotlights for specific areas you wish to highlight. By choosing a smaller light, they can work perfectly for rooms with lower ceilings. Always remember to consider the height of the ceiling before purchasing a light.

Floor Wooden Lamps

One light source is rarely enough; a wide range of different lights will be needed to help to complement your home's décor. It's easy to underestimate how important lighting is, so remember you will need a balanced number of lighting fixtures in your room. This will ensure your space is not too dark or too blinding. Interior designers take lighting into strict consideration, so take your time evaluating the type of wooden floor lamp you want and think about how it will illuminate the room. 

Wooden floor lamps famously made quite an impact when they initially reached the market and are still very popular as a result. Light wooden lamps with metallic stands are incredibly beautiful, and provide an industrial, modern look. Dark-colored lamps can help to give a more traditional and appealing vintage aesthetic, providing warmth and hospitable comfort for your space.

Table Wooden Lights

Whilst table lights may be smaller and less prominent than other styles of lamps, they still provide a sense of elegance and style. Table lamps can create focal points and also enhance the ambience of the entire room/house. They can contribute significantly to the balanced lighting of an indoor space, making it look more open. 

Table lights made from wood stand out and are an attractive addition to your home, creating a peaceful and calm atmosphere for you to relax in. You can place a table light next to your bedside, helping your bedroom feel cozy and homey when you read at night. 

These smaller lights are also a perfect décor piece for your living and/or dining room. Wooden lamps are highly versatile, and can fit any setting, theme or style of home. They have many uses and can easily complement a range of aesthetics, from rustic and homey to sophisticated and modern. 

To conclude, ceiling lights can illuminate a vast area of your room, acting as a spotlight. You can find different sizes of wooden ceiling lamps depending on the height of your ceilings. Some lamps can make your roof look more prominent, though there are more understated options that can make your ceiling look smaller and cozier. Since a room needs more than one light fixture, you have the option to invest in floor wooden lamps and table lights. Floor lamps are the ideal flooring decoration pieces, whereas table lights are more on the intimate side, balancing the lighting in the preferred spots of your space. Wooden decorations can be used as biophilic, modern decorative pieces that look stunning in any theme. We hope this article has provided you with enough insight into adding wooden lamps to your home. Thank you for reading!

Sep 30th 2022 Kristel Marquez

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