The 5 Backpacking Essentials You Must Have

The 5 Backpacking Essentials You Must Have

Jun 23rd 2017

Do you love to go hiking or camping during the summer? Are you planning an amazing hiking trip for a vacation in July or August? If so, you will need to have a number of important backpacking essentials before you go.

You don't want to find out that you didn't bring enough water or forgot your toothpaste when you wake up in your tent.

Keep reading to learn about the top five backpacking essentials you need to bring with you this summer. Let's get right into it!

Sleeping bag

You don't want to forget a sleeping bag when you go camping and hiking this summer. It can get very chilly overnight and you will need a sleeping bag or a blanket to keep yourself warm.

You want to pick a sleeping bag that can be lightweight enough to carry and packs well inside a backpack. You will also want to choose a sleeping bag that has good insulation and is water-resistant.

Your Backpacking Essentials Should Include a Tent

You definitely don't want to forget to bring a tent when you go camping and hiking overnight. Otherwise, you might be stuck sleeping completely outdoors on the ground.

This could be very dangerous especially if bears are likely to be in your neck of the woods. 

One suggestion for a  more long-lasting tent is too add a tarp underneath called a footprint. This tarp would sit on the ground and protect your tent from the elements such as rocks and dirt.

Bring Plenty of Water

One of the most important things to bring with you when you go hiking is a lot of water bottles or filtration systems. You definitely don't want to dehydrate when going on a long hike, so bring lots of water with you!

You can get a water bladder system made out of plastic. These can be great for long hikes or hikes in very warm weather. Bringing a water purifier is also an excellent idea in case you're far away from plumbing.

Bring Food and Cookware

You can't go camping without a set of cookware and food to keep you fed and full. Bring snacks such as food bars when you're out hiking.

Instead of having a full meal for lunch, you might want to just make some sandwiches to eat on your hike.

You will likely want a full, large meal for dinner after a long hike. Bring food that is easy to cook such as pasta and hot dogs. You can also make some s'mores on the campfire as a dessert.

Toiletries and Flashlights

Some of the smaller items that you should bring with you include flashlights or other sources of illumination as well as your toiletries

Don't forget to bring your toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, and shampoo. After a long and tiring hike, you will probably want to grab a shower at your campsite. So be sure to keep your toiletries on you!

Do you have any other tips to prepare for a camping trip? If so, let us know in the comments below!