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Swimline Giant Inflatable Transparent LED Light-up Ride-on Swan Pool Float

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The hottest pool float around just got a nocturnal update! The original Swimline Giant Swan Float was already an A-list celebrity must-have. With the addition of multi-colored LED lights, the par-tay is ready to go all night. Made of heavy-duty PVC vinyl, this inflatable waterfowl is no ugly duckling. By day it's bright white with an orange bill and black eyes and face. By night, the LED lights change color from white to blue to green to purple. Two grab handles are provided to help in boarding. Although swans are known to mate for life, your results with this float (it is big enough for two after all) may vary. You'll want to buy a bevy of these floats because everyone in the pool or at your next lake raft-up is going to want a turn. If you only have one, water fights are bound to ensue. Don't say you weren't warned.

Key Features:

  • Cool LED lights
  • Colors change from white to blue to green to purple
  • Requires four size A batteries
  • Big enough for two
  • Heavy-duty PVC vinyl
  • Two grab handles
  • Push-in valve
  • Five chambers
  • For floating only (non-towable)
  • Capacity: 400 lbs maximum